Advertising is one of the most common tools used by the company for direct communication and persuasive on the target buyer community. Advertising is basically a piece of modern industrial life. The life of the modern world is currently very dependent on advertising. Without advertising producers and distributors will not be able to sell its products, while on the other hand buyers will not have adequate information about the goods and services available in the market. We GO! Design provide advertising services to the advertising needs of your company in order to enhance the promotion of your business in a professional manner.

Neon Box

Neon Box is a form of media advertising campaign using backlite flexy digital printing / sticker / acrylic. Neon Boxes more impressed interesting, because at night it lights up the whole media to illuminate the visualization of brand listed. Where the box in which there are neon lights strung to the lighting of dalam.Dengan so, Neon box is very important to give an indication of the existence of your company.


Billboard is one of the media campaign that is installed in public places / people who used to frequent passing. Billboard uses material hollow steel materials, iron elbow, pipe piles and has a layer of aluminum or zinc plate and using cast concrete foundation, and visualization can use large air brush printing or duco and for lighting / illumination of the more common use of floodlights from the front.

Embossed Latter

Embossed media is a means for many people recognize a company's name with the intention of many companies - companies are using embossed letters are usually placed at the location of the company because it looks more formal and very attractive, certainly will improve the image of your company.


Billboards is a medium or a promotional tool that is used to notify certain information or events or activities related to the wider community. Besides billboards can also be used to incorporate elements of advertising to introduce new products and services. Usually billboards installed at roadside


Definition of long cloth banner is stretched and contains brief information about a product or a general warning. Lately, banners become the most favorite choice of promotional media for the cheap price but large in size so easily caught by the target consumer. The banners are usually displayed at the edge of the road or across the middle of the road so much read by the road users passing through.

Cuting Stiker

Sticker is a sticker material cutting techniques in accordance with the desired design, be it a game solid color (non-graded) or style by using a cutting machine and a computer as a media sticker design. Cutting stickers can be useful as a branding company and we can serve the installation sticker with professional.

Umbul - Umbul

Umbul - umbul also an outdoor media campaign with a shape like a flag that is generally used for celebration events, or promoting the company.