Design is a depiction of the processing of the media in communicating ideas regarding disclosure or delivery of information that can be read or seen. We offer design services for media promotion of your business interesting and creative, of course, provide satisfaction to you. In addition to the media campaign we also make unique and attractive design with our creativity in a digital drawing through.

Logo design

Logo is a corporate identity that is very important to have every company. Logo design interesting and creative prusahaan will greatly assist you in promoting your business. With our creative ideas and design quality will help you create a logo for your company.

Corporate Identitiy

A company would of course require a stationery for office like, folders, envelopes, letterhead, and so forth. To that end, with the GO! Design you do not need to worry anymore in making your company stationary.

Web Design

Web design into a container that is highly effective in promoting your company's business on an international scale. With can be accessed online by anyone, will greatly help promote your business online. Website design is exciting, and we do professional which will greatly satisfy your heart.

Vector Cartoon

Vector cartoon design is a vector image that resembles a cartoon face that is very similar to the original photo. Vector Cartoon suitable for a gift to your loved ones and for events. These images can later be printed and framed to enhance the design.

WPAP (pop art)

WPAP is One school of Pop art that is already very current trends originating from Indonesia created by Wedha Abdul Rayid. With colors - colors that beautifully formed face, we can describe it to you.


Caricatures are funny and interesting pictures drawn by digital. We can draw a caricature of your face into a form that can provide for your own satisfaction.

Mascot Design

A company in addition has the logo, it is also necessary to have a mascot that can lift the image of the company. Mascot can be as an overview illustration in the form of animals, people or objects. Makot can enliven an event or major event. With our proffesionalisme as a designer, we can create a mascot that is in accordance with the character you want.


If you need an illustration for clothing, event, or campaign, we GO! Design is able to create illustrations that you want with very good results.