Souvenir is the object relatively small size and the price is not expensive for a gift, stored or purchased as a memento to a place visited, a particular event, and so on. Souvenir widely used for weddings and for corporate branding.


Mug is one of the souvenirs in the form of a glass, which is relatively small and suitable to be used as a gift, on the side of the mug can also be applied to the desired design.


Pin is one of the accessories commonly used for promotional media. Because it has a form or appearance that is simple and attractive. And one of the most affordable souvenirs.

Wall Clock

Clock The wall is suitable as your company souvenir or for your wedding souvenir. With a design that can be determined by the client himself.


Umbrella suitable as a souvenir of your company or for your wedding souvenirs.


Pens can also be applied as attractive souvenirs and also as a good promotional media